Tuesday, 14 July 2015


So as my laptop is playing up and keeps shutting down on me, I chose to only write a short post today. Now if you follow me on twitter you would know that I am obsessed with Disney, so i decided to make a list of my top ten Disney movies . Please feel free to disagree as this is just my opinion.

  1. Peter Pan - It has always been one of those movies that made me wish to go to Neverland. I'm currently 15, 16 next month, and I am still in love with this film.
  2. Lilo & Stitch - I'm sorry but I just find Stitch to be the cutest thing ever. I actually cried at the second movie (Stitch has a glitch).
  3. Hercules - Now for this I love the story line but is anyone else with me on this and thinks that Megara should be classed as a Disney princess. She is so down to earth and one of my favourite characters.
  4. Big Hero Six - Need i say anything about this film. It's just amazing.
  5. The Litttle Mermaid - Now i have never been about that Disney princess life, I mean what girl need a guy to make them happy, however the little mermaid is one film with a Disney princess that i would watch over again.
  6. Brave - Now I understand that this is a Disney Pixar movie, not just Disney, however it was one of the first films where the girl doesn't need a guy. People believe that Frozen was the first to do that but in all honesty it was Brave.
  7. Alice In Wonderland - Honestly this film was all sorts of mad, but all the best things are.
  8. 101 Dalmatians - Who doesn't love talking puppies.
  9. Mulan - Like I said earlier I wasn't to bothered about Disney Princess', but Mulan was inspirational.
  10. Tinkerbell - As my favourite movie is Peter Pan, the movie Tinkerbell had to be on this list somewhere.
So that was my top ten Disney movies. Should I do more top ten lists, let me know. Also does anyone else think they should make another Tinkerbell movie where we discover how she meets Peter Pan, I think that would be such a great film.

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