Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Makeup Collection!

Hey, so as a teenage girl who gets about three hours of sleep each night, (not even exaggerating)  I definitely need makeup to make myself look human and face a whole seven hours of torture (school).

This is my make up collection and sorry for the picture quality as anyone who follows me on twitter shall understand that i have lost my camera and have to wait until summer to by a new one.

This is what my makeup collection looks like when it is not in use. I tend to keep it organised as i like to know where everything is and make it look presentable. It features moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, contour, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner, lip balms and lipsticks. It also has non-cosmetics such as toner and face wipes.

For my toner I use the simple kind to skin facial toner. My auntie has always taught me that a good facial toner is necessary, and she is right. 

From my previous blog everyone already knows the moisturizer that I use. Like I said I have used it for over three years now and i still love it.

My primer is a fairly recent one that I have bought. I have never used it before but it is safe to say that I love it. It is the Rimmel fix & perfect pro primer. It is my base for foundation and feels great on the skin.

Currently my foundation is the Rimmel (if you can't tell I like Rimmel products) Wake Me Up brightening foundation in the shade of ivory. This is what makes me look like a human during my school day. I could not live without it.

The concealer that i am using at the moment is one I bought when in New York. It is the MAC Studio Finish concealer in the colour NW20. I usually apply this on my dark circles under my eyes and any small blemishes just for extra coverage.

I am running low on my powder so i need to buy a new one. It is the Maybelline Fit Me powder and i use this just to set my makeup in place as it needs to last through the day (with the occasional touch ups). 

I honestly recommend a contour kit for anyone with a face shape like mine (a round face). This actually gives my face a good structure. It is the sleek contour kit in the shade light. It may not look light but it is and it also blends well.

Honestly I use this blush just because i like it. I got it for my Christmas present off of a friend. I have no idea what brand it is, what colour it is or where it is even from. 

Please excuse the state of this eyeshadow palette, i have owned it and used it nearly everyday for three to four months. It is the Sleek palette storm and is great for me as it has the natural colours for school but as i also do singing, acting and dance shows it has the brighter and bolder colours for them.

This is the palette that I use for special occasions and occasionally school. It is a MAC Mineralize quad. I have forgotten the name however i bought this in New York (as for some reason everything is cheaper in America).

This is the Rimmel soft kohl eye pencil in the colour jet black. I use this when i don't feel like using my liquid eye liner as it is more subtle and natural but still makes your eyes stand out.

When i don't use my pencil i am of course having winged eyeliner with my favourite eyeliner. It just makes my blue eyes stand out.

I own three different lipsticks. One again was a present and i have no idea where it is from. Another is my Rimmel Kate Moss red lipstick. Finally, I also own a mac lipstick in the shade giddy. This is the one that i use for school as it is a subtle pink.

Honestly i own so many lip balms but these are my favourite. An EOS lip balm and coca-cola lip smackers, which smell and taste amazing.

My favourite mascara that i have used, and am currently using is the Bare Minerals Lash Dominant mascara. It accentuates every eye lash making me look awake to the world (even if my mind still wants to be asleep).

I only use four main brushes which include one for foundation, one for eyeshadow, one for blush and one for powder. Other than them i don't tend to use any others, unless it is for a show in which case i bring out every makeup brush that I own. 

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